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Tonka Massage Practice Therapeutic Massage, if you have a painful area and need massage therapy, you are on the right hands.

Tonka Wellness Massage is an Asian Massage place in Excelsior, Minnesota. Our mission is to ease the painful area of our clients through giving therapeutic massage (massage therapy). We practice table massage, Futon massage, Foot Massage and Combo massage. Our massage therapists are specialized in Deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, foot massage and hot stone massage.
We open 7 days a week, from Mon – Sat 9:30 am – 8 pm, Sun 10:30 am – 7 pm. Walks in welcome, for appoint please call (952) 999 3374.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massageSwedish massage in Excelsior

Swedish massage is the most practiced and most popular massage service in Tonka Wellness Massage.  Our massage therapists provide Swedish massage along with a body massage which  relaxes your daily life. We recommend it to those who have never tried massage before, people with full-body tension, and those who are sensitive to touch.  Swedish is gentle and soothing, and the massage isn’t as rough as some other massage methods. Despite the light strokes and soothing nature, it  releases muscle knots and provides relief from tension. Before the massage, we’ll ask you to undress to your level of comfort so that we can provide massage more effectively. Usually, a Swedish massage will last for 30–90 minutes.

Deep Tissue Massage

If you have deep-seated pain or tightness, deep tissue massage is an excellent way to ease your tension.
This type of massage involves more pressure than a Swedish massage. Therefore,  Deept tissue massage is more appropriate for who have chronic muscle soreness, injury, or imbalance, etc. Becasue, Deep tissue massahe helps relax your muscles, ease your pain pain, and helps youir  reduce anxiety. During the pracctice, your massage therapist uses slow strokes and deep finger pressure to relieve tension from the deepest layers of your muscles and connective tissues. The depth of the massage sets it apart from other options and makes this the best choice for people with serious muscle tension.
We can also cater to your unique needs. If you suffer from shoulder pain, for example, we can focus on that area during the massage. When you join us for regular appointments, our experts can help you increase your flexibility and even recover from injuries.

Deep tissue massageDeep tissue massage in Minnetonka

Chair Massage

Massage offers scientifically proven relief from stress and chronic pain. Used worldwide as an adjunct treatment for a wide range of health-related needs, millions of Americans receive massages, but so many more could benefit if only it were more accessible. The good news is, for clients who want a massage but can’t get away from home or work for the full table version, massage therapists are taking chair massage on the road, and it’s been a tremendous success.
What is Chair Massage Therapy?
Massage can relieve stress and chronic pain. Massage is used globally as an adjunct therapy for a variety of health-related needs, and millions of Americans receive it, but many more could benefit if it were more readily available. For clients who want a massage but can’t leave home or work, massage therapists are taking chair massages to the road to give more people access to the joys of good health.
The benefits of chair massage
Short time

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a soothing, highly effective type of Chinese massage. It’s ideal for people with muscle pain and tension or those who simply want to relax. This type of massage therapy is similar to a Swedish massage, but the massage therapist uses heated stones instead of or in addition to their hands.

The heat and weight of these stones melts away stress and soreness. Heat is very soothing on muscles, and we use it to help you loosen up. This type of massage also improves blood flow and relieves pain. Hot stone massage may help:
Ease muscle tension
Improve blood flow
Alleviate pain
Promote relaxation
Relieve stress
During a hot stone massage, heated stones are placed on different areas over your whole body, particularly the back, legs, and arms. Your therapist may also hold a stone and use it to massage different parts of your body. During the process, they’ll use Swedish massage techniques and gentle pressure. We can even add aromatherapy to the massage experience.


Aromatherapy massageAromatherapy massage in Excelsior

Aromatherapy can enhance any type of massage. We use high-quality essential oils, including a variety of herbal and fruit scents, when massaging your skin. These scents have different impacts on your mood and health, and our experts can help you choose one that fits your needs. You can also choose your own if you have a preference!

Essential oil massages are best for people who want to have an emotional healing component to their massage. This type of massage can help:
•. Boost your mood
•. Reduce stress and anxiety
•. Reduce symptoms of depression
•. Relieve muscle tension
•. Relieve pain
Using these oils during a massage also allows our hands to glide more smoothly over your skin for a soothing sensation. Your massage therapist can use aromatherapy oils during any type of massage
Since this massage uses oils, we ask you to undress to avoid staining your clothes. Sometimes an aromatherapy massage will only focus on your back, shoulders, and head. We don’t recommend this type of massage if you’re sensitive to smell or essential oils, however.

Couple’s Massage

At Tonka Wellness Massage, you can enjoy a romantic couples massage with your partner. This is a creative date night idea that lets you relax and enjoy yourself.

A couples massage doesn’t have to be romantic, however. It can also include a friend or family member. During the massage, you can talk and catch up in the tranquil atmosphere of our massage parlor.
During the massage, you’ll relax on side-by-side tables. You can also request other services like aromatherapy as part of your massage package. We’ll use essential oils on your body and in a diffuser to help you relax and unwind.
During a couples massage, you can choose any style of massage you want. Since you’ll each have a licensed massage therapist working on you, you can each choose different massage styles. If you have issues with chronic pain and soreness, deep tissue massage could be right for you. If you’re curious about gua sha, our studio is the perfect place to try it.


Cupping can be used to achieve immediate pain relief. It can reduce general inflammation and also encourages healthy circulation and overall relaxation. Some of our clients enjoy it as a deep tissue massage, as well.
Other clients enjoy cupping because it improves their mobility and can reduce tightness in scar tissue. We provide cupping for the back, arms, and legs to help with stiffness in these areas.
After cupping, you may be left with bruises and some mild soreness, but they will fade away within a week, leaving you with the health benefits and loosened muscles.
If you experience chronic pain or muscle aches, cupping is worth a try. Call or visit our studio in Minnetonka,MN to schedule appointments with our expert staff!

Foot  Massage

Pedicure as a not only can relax, but also can strengthen the body of the project, more and more popular. It is very pleasant to invite a friend for a pedicure in your spare time. What are the benefits of pedicure massage?
1, foot massage can promote blood circulation and strengthen metabolism. Foot massage through the stimulation of acupoints and reflex areas, can make the foot temperature rise, and then the blood flow rate will be accelerated, the foot sediment will then again participate in the body circulation, and with the body’s internal circulation out of the body.
2, foot massage can adjust the nerve. Sufficient ministry distribution has abundant neuron,pass stimulating planta reflex area,can adjust corresponding nerve organization,drivewhole body nerve organization activity thereby,enhance and improve ther function of organizational organ.
3, foot massage can dredge the meridians and collaterals, regulate QI an blood ,six of the twelve meridians of the human body reach the foot,and the functions of the maladjusted and diseased viscera can be repaired by foot massage.
4, foot massage can relieve pressure, improve the quality of sleep. A lot of friends to do pedicure is not the body to appear pathological condition, but only to relax the mood. Now people living and working pressure is very big, long-term in the tense, excited environment, all day down is very tired, then you can relieve this phenomenon by foot massage, massage to relax their body and mind, help us recover energy, to put into a new round of work.

Foot massageFoot massage in Excelsior

Ginger Oil Massage

What is Ginger oil Therapy?
Ginger oil therapy is to continuously input the heat ability of wild ginger into the body, dispel wind and cold, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, care for muscles, joints and ligaments; Warm meridian dispel cold, regulate hormone secretion, improve irregular menstruation, palace cold, dysmenorrhea, waist and knee soreness; Effectively prevent the occurrence of rheumatism, arthritis, stroke spasm and other problems!
Ginger oil cure do back efficacy and effect:
We all know that ginger has the effect of cold, in the winter, many people will be infected with wind cold, at this time everyone likes to drink some ginger soup to remove the cold in the body, in health, ginger is used to do ginger therapy, ginger therapy can treat pain, menstrual imbalance, remove the body cold and damp diseases.
Fever, sore throat, pregnancy, atopic dermatitis are prohibited
“A piece of ginger is better than Dan Fang, and a cup of ginger soup is healthy”. Ginger has been a commonly used medicine among Chinese people since ancient times. Ginger contains spicy and aromatic volatile oil, the main components of the oil are gingerol, gingerene, ginger oil terpene, gingerol and so on. Gingerol in ginger oil is a yellow oily liquid with a spicy taste, which gives ginger a spicy taste. Their combined effect, so that ginger can enhance and accelerate blood circulation, stimulate gastric secretion, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, stomach digestion. Moreover, it has been proved that ginger filtrate can effectively inhibit staphylococcus, and also has obvious inhibitory effect on skin fungi.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage

Traditional Chinese Medicine massage therapy is practiced in Chna for thousands years. TCM massage is based on the theory of Zang-fu organs and meridians of traditional Chinese medicine. It acts on the specific parts of the body surface by means of manipulation to adjust the physiological condition of the body and achieve the purpose of physiotherapy. From the treatment of massage, it can be divided into health massage and medical massage. It is a good healthy treatment therapy.
If you have sprains, lumbar strain, muscle soreness, lower back pain or shoulder and neck problems, this is a good choice. We apply Chinese medicine  on the painfull area to do massage.  Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage can ease muscle tension, improve blood flow, alleviate pain and promote relaxation.

Chinese medicine massageChinese medicine massage in Excelsior
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